Tropic GSC Kief infused Pre-Roll


3 x 0.5 g

Extreme THC – 25.8%

Low CBD – 10%


Tropic GSC Kief infused Pre-Roll

Buy Tropic GSC Kief infused Pre-Roll Online. The Tropic GSC-infused pre-roll takes the single-source flower inside to new levels with notes of clementine and sour pith from its Tangie roots, mixed with the dank, cake-batter smooth finish of GSC. It’s a tropical cake roll frosted in the best way possible. We followed our imagination and let fun be our inspiration in developing our first infused pre-roll line. Sourced from quality whole-flower cultivars, infused with terpenes, and dusted in premium kief, this is not just any squish in a stick.


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