High THC Oil – 30ml


THC: 30mg | CBD: 2.91mg


High THC Oil – 30ml

Buy High THC Oil – 30ml Online. A wickedly powerful blend of just two ingredients. Organic extra virgin olive oil and high THC extract. It’s highly excellent and as uncomplicated as it gets. Because they want to stay on Mother Nature’s good side—and they’re pretty sure you do, too. They gently extract THC oil via a special process that uses significantly less energy compared to traditional processes. They bottle it up in an eco-friendly package.

And for every bottle you buy, they help plant a tree where it’s needed most thanks to friends at One Tree Planted. Naturally simple, eco- and vegan-friendly, non-GMO, priced right. The list goes on. All you really need to remember is this: It’s made from the finest cannabis we know. And it’s potent as all get-out to deliver a highly exceptional experience that’s uniquely yours. Enjoy!


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