Paradise D9+THCP+HHC+D8 Vape Cart




  1. 450 mg Delta 8 THC
  2. 400 mg HHC-O
  3. 70mg THCP-O
  4. 30 mg Delta 9 THC
  5. 50 mg Cannabis derived terpenes


Paradise D9+THCP+HHC+D8 Vape Cart

Buy Paradise D9+THCP+HHC+D8 Vape Cart Online EU. This Delta 9 THC, is a superior blend of highly refined distillates including Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, HHC, THC-P, and naturally derived terpenes. Each cartridge holds one gram of the potent concentrate carefully encased in a ceramic 510 thread cartridge for long-lasting quality. This fifth installment from their renowned Zen line has been crafted with connoisseurs in mind – embracing the utmost potency while still indulging in an aromatic flavor profile that will tantalize any palate. Enjoy responsibly!

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