Blueberry Stoner Patch THC Gummies


Approx. (5-6) Pieces Per Bag of Blueberry Stoner Patch Gummies
500mg total THC


Blueberry Stoner Patch THC Gummies

Buy Blueberry Stoner Patch THC Gummies Online. These Gummies combine our two favourite things: weed and candy to deliver you a wonderful high. Bringing you your favourite flavours. These mouthwatering watermelon dummies are infused with high-quality cannabis.

Each bag contains a total of 500mg of THC. Dose based on your experience and prescribed amount. We always suggest starting at a lower dose- test out one gummy or even a partial gummy. Each person requires a different amount of THC to get high. A beginner dose can be as low as 5mg. A typical average dose is often 5-20mg. However, others require a much higher mg to feel an edible high.


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