Mota THC Sour Squares



Mota THC Sour Squares

Buy Mota THC Sour Squares Online. Do you love sour candy? Are you looking for a sour edible that doesn’t taste like you’re just biting into a cannabis leaf? Look no further. Mota’s medicated Sour Squares are just what you’ve been dreaming of. Nothing can beat a sour gummy edible dusted in a light coat of sugar and packed with a sour punch. You will want to keep going back for more.

You get a total of 150 mg. THC in the whole package. There are 15 pieces in the bag and each fruity chewy square contains 10 mg. of THC. Mota creates each of their Sour Squares with the best juicy fruit flavors. They blend them with cannabis oil using unique techniques and recipes to create a one-of-a-kind Mota-infused edible. They also have little to no harsh taste.


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