THC Faygo Syrup Strawberry


Best ways to use THC syrup
Take a shot
Simply measure out your desired dose and bottom-up!
Mixed drinks


THC Faygo Syrup Strawberry

Buy THC Faygo Syrup Strawberry Online. THC syrup consists of cannabis concentrate, combined with vegetable glycerine, a sweetener, and added flavours. Weed in liquid form has the same thickness and consistency as cough syrup and is designed to be added in spoonfuls to your lemonade, so you can get high without having to worry about omitting any suspicious smells or sharing a joint.

THC syrups have similar effects and a slightly quicker onset time compared to traditional baked edibles.
THC syrups are usually highly concentrated, so new users should also be careful to start with very low doses.

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