Papaya OG Marijuana Strain


THC: 20% – 25%, CBN: 1%

Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing
May Relieve
ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain, Cramps, Depression, Hyperactivity, Inflammation, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Stress
Citrus, Fruity, Herbal, Peppery, Spicy, Sweet
Earthy, Fruity, Pungent, Sweet


Papaya OG Marijuana Strain

Buy Papaya OG Marijuana Strain Online. Papaya OG is a hybrid with interesting effects according to its reviews. It is Indica-dominant yet has provided reviewers with more Sativa-like effects. It’s been described as calming, but also providing an increase in energy and productivity. Some have enjoyed using this throughout their day to keep motivated while others prefer using it in the evening as it has made them feel drowsy towards the end of their high.

THC levels of this strain have tested between 15% and 25%, so be sure to check your batch’s potency before consuming a serving. Its parent lineage is a cross between Ice #2 and Citral #13. The scent and flavor are uncanny in their resemblance to actual papaya fruits. However, on the exhale, a peppery undertone may be detected.



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