Live Resin Full Spectrum Vape Carts



Live Resin Full Spectrum Vape Carts

Buy Live Resin Full Spectrum Vape Carts Online. We now introduce our premium Green Supreme HTFSE Vape Carts!. All of our specialized High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract cartridges are derived from pure, THC-rich cannabis oil. The strain-specific terpene sauce for flavourful explosion and an experience that is as close as it gets to your favourite strains.

Every cartridge contains 1200mg in a 1.2mL volume. We provide a variety of popular strains such as Gelato #33, Grape LA, and Cherry Pie! Each cartridge resides in an air-tight and child-proof container to ensure that it is discrete and safe.

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black Diamond, Blue Dream, God's Green Crack Pineapple God, Granddaddy Purple, Zkittles, Blueberry, Grape Ape, Girls Scout Cookies


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