Milky Way THC Vape Cartridges



Milky Way THC Vape Cartridges

Buy Milky Way THC Vape Cartridges Online. Milky Way Extracts produces one of the highest quality distillate products on the market. High THC and cannabinoid profiles provide a very good potency. Along with the health benefits you get from the cannabinoids. Each cartridge is filled with 1 gram of organic THC distillate that contains strain-specific natural terpenes.

Natural terpenes are different aromatic oils that give unique smells and flavours to each plant and are also known to provide different therapeutic uses and health benefits. All cartridges are made with 100% organic cannabis plants and every batch has been lab-tested for impurities, so there’s no need to worry about ingesting unnatural solvents or chemicals. Milky Way Extracts are some of the cleanest and best-tasting vapes that you will ever experience

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Blue Dream, Banana Kush, Gelato, King Louis, Mango Kush, Northern Lights, Tangerine, Watermelon OG, Wedding Cake, Sunset Sherbet, Granddaddy Purple, Green Crack, Jack Herer, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Lemonade, Super Lemon Haze, Aloha Punch, Banana Runtz, Blue Skittlez, Maui Wowie, Purple Kush


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