CBD Lemon Potion Weed


THC: 7% – 10%, CBD: 15%

Body High, Creative, Happy, Relaxing, Tingly
May Relieve
Anxiety, Autism, Chronic Pain, Depression, Epilepsy, Inflammation
Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Spicy, Strawberry
Berry, Citrus, Fruity, Herbal, Lemon, Sour, Spicy


CBD Lemon Potion Weed

Buy CBD Lemon Potion Weed Online. CBD Lemon Potion is a rare slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain (60% Indica/40% Sativa). Created by crossing the classic BF Lemon Kush X CBD Auto strains. If you’re hunting for the perfect relaxing strain to help you carry through your day without causing any negative effects. CBD Lemon Potion is totally for you. With a 2:1 CBD: THC ratio and potencies that hit about 10-15% CBD and 7-10% THC.

This gorgeous bud is absolutely perfect for anyone who needs a little sweet relief, day or night. That being said, the effects of CBD Lemon Potion are pretty mellow, with calming feelings that resonate from head to toe without causing sedation or anxiety. With these effects and its high level of potency, CBD Lemon Potion is the perfect highly medicinal strain for treating chronic pain, spasticity, inflammation, chronic stress or anxiety, epilepsy, and depression.


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